Happy Birthday Balloons for Guys

October 4, 2009

Seems all too easy to find great Happy Birthday balloons for women.  Then there are the men in our lives.  A little more challenging but try a few of these cool Happy Birthday balloons for guys.

My brother has five boys.  Yes, count 'em, five.  Now, they're still young enough that they'll take their favorite movie character as a birthday theme, but these guys are growing fast and it's just a few years before that's not going to work anymore.

Fortunately, there are more and more birthday balloons for guys to choose from.  I think this blue bubble balloon is classy.  It's a pale shade of blue and made out of new material.  It's not Mylar but it's as strong - stronger, even.  It's shaped like a regular balloon but is glossy and the colors are bold.

Primary colors make some of the best choices for guys, like this 22" Happy Birthday balloon in really bright colors.  The balloon decorations on the balloons are really done in great colors and give you some options for coming up with matching decorations.

You'll also have no problem finding matching party goods, streamers and wrapping paper that matches primary color party themes.  There's a great shade of blue in this balloon and solid coordinating balloons and some clear balloons with stars on them would look great in a balloon bunch with curling ribbon.

Failing that, there's always the standard Happy Birthday golf balloon
- says the woman whose husband has been golfing all weekend.  Wouldn't take me any time at all to choose a birthday party theme for him!  :)

Seriously, though - if your guy likes golf, why not do a golf themed birthday party?  Get a few yards of astro turf from Home Depot, set up a small putting green, make a few balloon columns that look like trees, maybe a bag of sand around the astro turf and bring out the barbecue.  He and his friends can play for hours and he'll think it was the best party ever.

Choosing a birthday theme truly should depend on the hobbies of the person who is having the birthday.  Find birthday balloons to match and they'll know you cared enough to plan the best. 


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