Pink Birthday Balloons

October 6, 2009

Browsing around today and found a great selection of pink birthday balloons. I can't pick just one as a favorite.  I think they're all too pretty!

magenta pink birthday balloons

pink and green flowered balloonpink birthday balloons with hearts

pink princess birthday balloonpink striped birthday balloon

21st Birthday Balloon and Cake for Girls

October 5, 2009

Nope.  I did not make this cake.  I found the photo on Flickr.  But what a great 21st birthday balloon and cake combo we can create with this idea!

If you've never worked with fondant, it's quite an art form.  You can order fondant cakes through specialty bakeries.  Or, see if you have any friends who work with fondant cakes.  My mother was fortunate to have a woman she worked with who makes wonderful cakes and does them half off for her friends.  Quite a deal!

What a sweet idea for a theme, too.  Sophisticated yet fun, as I mentioned before.  Great colors and the zebra theme is just way, too cute.  You can do lots of streamers and balloons in these colors and some great party favors, too!

Learn How to Make Balloon Decorations

October 4, 2009

Interested in making unique balloon decorations for your next party? I came across a helpful site today called Balloon Decoration Ideas that gives lots of instructions for making things like balloon arches, balloon columns and centerpieces.

I've never tried some of these before but I think I might need to give it a go.  My husband has been very good about throwing parties for me on my special day but I haven't always done the same for him.  His birthday falls around Christmas, which often means it gets glossed over in the shuffle.  This year, I should surprise him with something special.

Takes a lot of work to plan a party, doesn't it?  Sometimes we put it off or end up skimping a bit because we figure that as adults, our lives are so busy and the occasion just doesn't mean as much as it did when we were kids.  That's what we tell ourselves anyway.  In reality, even those who don't like to celebrate that one day a year that signals their birth at least want a little special recognition.  They may not want to be the center of attention, but a simple acknowledgement goes a long ways.

Happy Birthday Balloons for Guys

Seems all too easy to find great Happy Birthday balloons for women.  Then there are the men in our lives.  A little more challenging but try a few of these cool Happy Birthday balloons for guys.

My brother has five boys.  Yes, count 'em, five.  Now, they're still young enough that they'll take their favorite movie character as a birthday theme, but these guys are growing fast and it's just a few years before that's not going to work anymore.

Fortunately, there are more and more birthday balloons for guys to choose from.  I think this blue bubble balloon is classy.  It's a pale shade of blue and made out of new material.  It's not Mylar but it's as strong - stronger, even.  It's shaped like a regular balloon but is glossy and the colors are bold.

Primary colors make some of the best choices for guys, like this 22" Happy Birthday balloon in really bright colors.  The balloon decorations on the balloons are really done in great colors and give you some options for coming up with matching decorations.

You'll also have no problem finding matching party goods, streamers and wrapping paper that matches primary color party themes.  There's a great shade of blue in this balloon and solid coordinating balloons and some clear balloons with stars on them would look great in a balloon bunch with curling ribbon.

Failing that, there's always the standard Happy Birthday golf balloon
- says the woman whose husband has been golfing all weekend.  Wouldn't take me any time at all to choose a birthday party theme for him!  :)

Seriously, though - if your guy likes golf, why not do a golf themed birthday party?  Get a few yards of astro turf from Home Depot, set up a small putting green, make a few balloon columns that look like trees, maybe a bag of sand around the astro turf and bring out the barbecue.  He and his friends can play for hours and he'll think it was the best party ever.

Choosing a birthday theme truly should depend on the hobbies of the person who is having the birthday.  Find birthday balloons to match and they'll know you cared enough to plan the best. 

Birthday Balloons and Polka Dot Theme

Birthday balloons in a polka dot theme are a neat idea when throwing a party for the special woman in your life.  A rented room at a hotel can take care of tables and chairs.  All you have to do is provide the decorations and pick the menu.

In this example, even the floors have been covered with pale green carpet, making the tables look like bunches of flowers in nice, bright colors sitting on a soft, green lawn.  Although inside, guests feel as if they're outside on a beautiful, spring day.

Birthday balloons can be used in conjunction with the table centerpieces.  Just add a cluster of helium balloons or stuffed balloon clouds to float above the room.  When using helium balloons in the center of a table where people will be sitting to eat, make sure the balloons float above head height at seating level.  You don't want your guests not to be able to see the rest of the guests sitting with them at each table.

fit the theme nicely.  The colors match the tables and the polka dots fit with the round table format.

Don't be afraid to mix and match bright balloon colors for a birthday party. You want to create a happy, energetic party atmosphere and color covers most of that work.  People react to the colors and feed off of the energy the colors provide.

These particular balloons are clear and long-lasting.  Made from a new, stretchy material, they float for a week or more and are 20 inches round.  As a result, you can even attach smaller balloon clusters to the base and they'll hold those up nicely.  Pretty floating clusters around the room carry the color from the tables throughout all the vertical space in the room. 

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Balloons

When a child reaches the age of sixteen, it calls for a special birthday party and birthday balloons that are more mature, more elegant.  Sophisticated.  Perhaps, sophisticated fun. 

It's a time for us to celebrate the passing of a sixteen year old's youth and the coming of adulthood.  Sixteen year olds are on the edge - balanced so delicately on the end of one world and the beginning of their next.

Go for a fondant cake with lace, scroll trim and candles in individual candlesticks.  Black, white, and gold trimmed birthday balloons or pink, black and white balloons.  For young men on their sixteenth birthday, you could do black with red and white or gold and black and white birthday balloons.

These are just a few examples of sophisticated colors combinations.  You'll surely come up with many on your own.  It's the added accessories that make the difference and bring the party up a notch.

Pink and black birthday balloons are a favorite for Sweet Sixteen birthday parties.  This Sweet 16Mylar birthday balloon is two sided, in the shape of the number sixteen and has sparkly, silver trim.

Follow the theme with upgraded appetizers and a buffet.  Use matching balloon centerpieces to fill in the table and plan on large trays of food and a separate cake and present table.

Use high-quality paper stock for homemade invitations with hand calligraphy or order specially made, personalized decorations and send them out early to give family and friends sufficient notice to put a hold on the birthday party date.

Colorful Birthday Balloons

October 3, 2009

Kids love colorful birthday balloons, anything big, and birthday parties.  Put them all together and you've got the makings for one, exciting birthday party. 

If you're looking to decorate for a large party and want to save money at the same time, go for large, solid color balloons, buy them in bulk and put together a small group of helpers who can work with you to make some large balloon decorations.  Use balloon artist balloons to make twisted shapes that curl around giant balloons in other colors.  Build rainbow balloon arches and float balloons in primary colors around the party area.  Mix shapes, sizes and solid colors - especially great for outside on a nice, sunny day.

Photo by / CC BY-SA 2.0

Birthday Balloons and Decorations

What comes first, the cake or the decorations for a 1st birthday party?  Do you choose the cake and then pick the balloons or do you choose the balloons and then pick the cake?

There's no right or wrong approach.  It all depends on what you're trying to achieve.  Let's say you're going to do an Elmo 1st birthday party.  You know you'll be able to find an Elmo cake and Elmo balloons and the standard Elmo colors of red and yellow.

What if, however, you're doing something a little unusual?  Or you want no character at all?  While there are some Elmo decorations on this fondant cake and on the smaller cake behind it meant for the birthday boy himself, the cake is more a work of art.

If you want decorations that are unique, find some interesting Mylar balloons first and then have the birthday cakes designed to match.

Photo by / CC BY-SA 2.0

1st Birthday Balloons for Boys

1st birthday balloons for little boys come in so many different shapes, sizes, and themes it seems almost impossible to choose.  I do, however, recall when my oldest son had his first birthday.  Even at such a young age we knew he was destined to play sports.  He could throw a baseball with amazing precision and could catch, too, and not just if you plopped the ball into his small, infant hands.

We had no choice, we had to go with a baseball theme.  He had baseball outfits for boys already, an infant ball and bat, and even his own baseball glove by that time.  It wasn't as if we regretted not having a choice.  It actually made it so much easier because we already knew what he liked.  We knew he'd be thrilled to see his favorite sport emblazened on a ton of balloons.

We found a baseball shaped Mylar balloon that said Happy 1st Birthday! and we made two cakes - both with baseball patterns on them.  One for him to eat and destroy and one for the rest of us.  His smile and the sheer joy he showed and aat having his family celebrate him, his family singing to him, and the freedom to play in his own cake are stuck with me eternally.  My baby will be sixteen in less than six months but I remember his 1st birthday like it was yesterday.

1st Birthday Balloons for Girls

We know there are a few birthdays in our life that are special because they represent milestones - a sweet sixteenth birthday, our 21st, our 30th.  None of them compare to the one we'll never remember.  The one that we know only in pictures.  The one that likely has more photograph memories than ALL of our other birthdays - our 1st birthday.  Why is our 1st birthday so special if we aren't old enough to have saved the memory for ourselves?

Maybe because it's the birthday that usually has the most family in attendance, because our parents did the whole "let them eat cake" event with an endless set of photos showing proof we had squished chocolate cake between our tiny, little fingers and had streaked pink and blue frosting in our air.

There are endless styles of 1st birthday balloons for girls available today. Even at the young, untested age of 1 parents often know - feel - the budding interests and preferences of their children. It's hard not to see their tiny personalities start to develop. Whether you have a princess, a tomboy, or a dreamer on your hands, you'll easily find the best possible birthday decorations for your little girl.